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The Chants of Mary
The Chants of Mary

The Chants of Mary

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Artist:Gloriae Dei Cantores Schola
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Duration:72:79:00 min
ISBN 13:978-1-61261-286-7
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Gloriæ Dei Cantores Men's Schola sings these Gregorian chants of love and devotion to Mary, the Mother of God, the Theotokos, the Star of the Sea. While our names for her are as varied as the traditions that surround her being, one thing remains constant: she invariably points us to her own Son, teaching us to greet Him with that same "yes" by which she opened herself to Him, body, soul and spirit. May we all receive the blessing of her example, told through these ancient songs of faith.

This SACD features the Stabat Mater, the Marian antiphons for Compline, and selected propers from the Feasts of the Immaculate Conception, the Nativity of Mary, the Annunciation, the Visitation, and the Assumption.

"Three of the finest chant CDs have been released by Gloriae Dei Cantores: The Chants of Angels, The Chants of Mary and The Chants of the Holy Spirit. Put a Gloriae Dei Cantores SACD on your surround sound stereo and be transported to a timeless place of eternal beauty."
— Kansas City Star
The Chants of Mary
1 Missa IX Cum iúbilo: Gloria (Mode VII) Listen to Sample Audio 2:54
2 Responsory: Benedicta et venerábilis (Mode V) Listen to Sample Audio 3:04

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

3 Gradual: Benedicta es tu (Mode V) Listen to Sample Audio 3:25
4 Introit: Gáudens gaudébo (Mode III) Listen to Sample Audio 3:50
5 Antiphon: Salve Regina - Simple (Mode V) Listen to Sample Audio 1:41
6 Antiphon: Salve Regina - Solemn (Mode I) Listen to Sample Audio 2:35

Feast of the Nativity of Mary

7 Hymn: O gloriósa Dómina (Mode II) Listen to Sample Audio 1:56
8 Brief response: Ave Maria (Mode VI) Listen to Sample Audio 1:50
9 Antiphon: Alma Redémptoris Mater - Simple (Mode V) Listen to Sample Audio 1:03
10 Antiphon: Alma Redémptoris Mater - Solemn (Mode V) Listen to Sample Audio 1:44

Feast of the Annunciation

11 Offertory: Ave Maria (Mode VIII) Listen to Sample Audio 5:16
12 Hymn: Ave maris stella (Mode I) Listen to Sample Audio 2:39
13 Antiphon: Regina cæli - Simple (Mode VI) Listen to Sample Audio 0:35
14 Antiphon: Regina cæli - Solemn (Mode VI) Listen to Sample Audio 1:42

Feast of the Visitation

15 Gradual: Benedicta es tu (Mode IV) Listen to Sample Audio 3:43
16 Alleluia: Felix es (Mode VIII) Listen to Sample Audio 2:59
17 Responsory: Repléta est (Mode I) Listen to Sample Audio 3:40
18 Antiphon: Ave Regina - Simple (Mode VI) Listen to Sample Audio 0:50
19 Antiphon: Ave Regina - Solemn (Mode VI) Listen to Sample Audio 1:30

Feast of the Assumption

20 Introit: Signum magnum (Mode VII) Listen to Sample Audio 2:32
21 Hymn: O Prima, Virgo, prodita (Mode II) Listen to Sample Audio 3:18
22 Alleluia: Assúmpta est Maria (Mode V) Listen to Sample Audio 2:37
23 Antiphon and Solemn Magnificat: Beáta es (Mode I) Listen to Sample Audio 4:13
24 Sequence: Stabat Mater dolórosa (Mode II) Listen to Sample Audio 5:07
Total Time: 64:06

Product Reviews for The Chants of Mary

I am an ardent fan of Glorić Dei Cantores! The Chants of Mary, by the Glorić Dei Cantores Men's Schola is a wonderful and faithful recording of ancient chants that still speak volumes today. Chant has a timeless and universal quality, though it was developed in a specific era of the western church. Likewise, a proper understanding of Mary's role in salvation history, and her modeling of life in the church is making her popular again among all Christians. This recording captures the best of this reality!
In Jesus,
John Michael Talbot
Founder, Minister General, and Spiritual Father
The Brothers and Sisters of Charity

To listen to The Chants of Mary is to be blessed! If you are fond of the Blessed Mother and Gregorian chant, you are in for a real delight. From start to finish, The Chants of Mary delivers both within an impressive and glorious work of melodious art.
Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

The Chants of Mary is a true gift for Catholic families. In a world filled with bustle, busyness and noise, the chants included on this CD provide a greatly needed respite, while at the same time drawing our hearts closer to our Blessed Mother, and, through her, to Christ. A gift for the heart, mind, body and soul, The Chants of Mary belongs in every home and will be a timeless treasure in your family's musical library for years to come.
Lisa M. Hendey, Founder and Editor of and author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms

"The excellence of interpretation is not surprising. . . skillful semiological interpretations. [The] sequence Stabat mater is superbly executed through its five-minute length. The verses of the offertory Ave Maria too are expertly rendered."
Fanfare magazine

. . . [they] sing with unalloyed grace in their voices, powerful, not especially churchlike or considerate of monastic-like uniformity, but as I imagine the music was at one time performed in the public churches. The men of this Schola bring not only a spiritual sense but also some full-blooded and genuinely religious fervor, as if the Latin words on the paper are pregnant with real meaning and an otherworldly mysticism, not just syllables to accompany dull or routine monody." "The surround sound is excellent, well-balanced and well-filled. This is yet another superb production (full color booklet and wonderful notes) from a source that sets the example time and time again. Do delve into the clear, cool waters of Gregorian chant—and this is a perfect place to start.
Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition

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