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Seeds of Faith: Practices to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Life
Seeds of Faith: Practices to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Life
Seeds of Faith: Practices to Grow a Healthy Spiritual LifeSeeds of Faith: Practices to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Life

Seeds of Faith: Practices to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Life

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Author:Jeremy Langford
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Page Count:176
ISBN 13:978-1-55725-439-9
Published:March 1, 2008

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Seeds of Faith by Jeremy Langford covers an astonishing variety of spiritual practices, and does so in such a joy-filled and inviting way that we instantly feel at home. Buy this book.

—Richard J. Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline and Life with God

Jeremy Langford’s multiple talents as a superb writer, a loving father, a dedicated worker, and an ardent believer, combine to make his new book perfect for anyone seeking to lead a faith-filled life in the real world. Through an artful use of the Christian tradition, insights from the spiritual masters, and compelling real-life examples, Langford shows seekers and believers alike how God can be found in all things, and how the ordinary events in our lives can be places of extraordinary grace.

—James Martin, SJ, author of My Life with the Saints

In every moment and event in our lives, God plants seeds which we may or may not notice in our paths. Our challenge is to prepare the soil of our lives to receive and nurture these seeds so that they may take root and help us grow closer to God.

By tapping into the spiritual practices revealed in scripture and throughout Christian tradition, we come to embrace what God the Gardener is doing in our lives and, in turn, to share God’s grace with the world. The healthier our spiritual lives, the more abundant will be the fruits of our love, hope, joy, and kindness.

This book is for seekers of all ages and walks of life - college students, parents, professionals, the lapsed and the weary, as well as seasoned saints who wish to deepen their faith in small but meaningful ways, and it covers topics such as:

    Why Believe? The Practice of Doubt
    Awareness: The Practice of Seeking
    Loneliness vs. Being Alone: The Practice of Solitude
    Spiritual Exercise: The Practice of Practice
    Touchstones of the Sacred: The Practice of Living Sacramentally
    How, Then, Shall I Live? The Practice of Vocation
    Happy Are They: The Practice of Celebration
    When Did We See You Hungry? The Practice of Mercy
    Following Christ: The Practice of Discipleship

Product Reviews for Seeds of Faith: Practices to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Life

Jeremy Langford's new treatment of the ancient ways is entitled Seeds of Faith: Practices to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Life (Paraclete Press, 2008, 176p, paperback, $15.95). Langford, who in many ways has spoken for and to his own generation of Catholic believers, is now, in my view, speaking to all of us in this wide-ranging exploration of Iived faith and spiritual formation. He raises a battery of questions: Who am I? Why believe? What do I really want? Then he thoughtfully answers with a coherent, nuanced and authorirative treatment of the spiritual life, exploring meditation, prayer, solitude, friendship, thinking, spiritual direction, discipleship and more.
I was especially taken with his chapter "Living Fully in the Moment," which proceeds from some words of Thich Nhat Hanh about mindfulness. This is not the first spiritual reflection I have read on washing dishes or laundry. This one, however, was riveting, Langford's acuity and perception took me entirely by surprise. Once again I was blindsided by the simple truth of living in the present moment with a deeper sense of the presence of God in every atom, every detail. The whole book is crammed with similar insights.
America National Catholic Weekly
February 11, 2008

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