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Mozart: Rare Choral Works
Mozart: Rare Choral Works

Mozart: Rare Choral Works

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Artist:Gloriæ Dei Cantores
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Duration:2 hrs 10 min
ISBN 13:9781557254795
Published:April 2006
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The year 2006 marks a major musical anniversary with the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The world has enjoyed the genius of Mozart through his symphonies, operas, chamber and piano music. In addition, his Requiem, left incomplete at his death, remains one of the most beloved of sacred choral works. Gloriæ Dei Cantores presents a rare look at a side of Mozart that is not so well known: his contribution to music for the Church. Included in this recording are two rarely heard major works of great beauty and invention: Davide Penitente K. 469 and the Litaniae de venerabili altaris Sacramento K. 243. Also included are a further litany, several motets, and two of the famous church sonatas for small orchestra and organ, giving a rounded picture of Mozart, the sacred musician. Mozart: Rare Choral Works will be a profound experience for the classical music lover and for those who are interested in the sacred side of one of the best-loved composers of all time.

All performances based on the New Mozart Edition (Neue Mozart-Ausgabe); used by permission of Baerenreiter, publisher and copyright owner.

Mozart: Rare Choral Works
1Veni Sancte Spiritus K.473:44
Betulia Liberata K.118
2Del pari infeconda6:30
3Terribile d'aspetto4:05
4Misericordias Domini K.2225:22
5Church Sonata K.2783:45
Litaniae De Venerabili Altaris Sacramento K.243
7Panis vivus5:00
8Verbum caro factum1:13
9Hostia sancta3:38
11Dulcissimum convivium4:10
14Agnus Dei4:45
15Venite Populi K.2604:26
 Total Time:59:08
Regina Coeli K. 108
1Regina Coeli2:50
2Quia quem meruisti3:27
3Ora pro nobis4:14
Litaniae Lauretanae K. 109
6Sancta Maria4:11
7Salus infirmorum1:16
8Regina Angelorum1:25
9Agnus Dei2:24
10Church Sonata K. 3294:16
Davidde Penitente K. 469
11Coro: Alzai le flebili voci al Signor4:52
12Coro: Cantiam le glorie2:00
13Aria: Lungi le cure ingrate4:40
14Coro: Sii pur sempre benigno, oh Dio1:10
15Duetto: Sorgi, o Signore2:50
16Aria: A te, fra tanti affanni6:28
17Coro: Se vuoi, puniscimi6:04
18Aria: Tra l'oscure6:37
19Terzetto: Tutte le mie3:19
20Coro: Chi in Dio sol4:36
 Total Time:71:01

Product Reviews for Mozart: Rare Choral Works

"This is a useful collection of rare choral works by the composer whose 250th anniversary occurs this year. . . . This version fills a significant need. The fine performances are enhanced by the acoustics of the new church at the choir's home. Of the soloists, Christine Helfrich is outstanding in K108 and the closing movement of K243. This is a well-thought-out collection, a useful anniversary issue."
J.F. Weber
January 30, 2007

"An important anniversary year of a famous composer always brings out recording projects that purport to offer something unusual or rare or somehow different from the mainstream releases. Of course, many don't live up to their billing, or worse, fall short in purely musical value. This is one of the more successful and thoughtfully programmed collections to appear so far in this "Mozart Year", and although many of the works featured have been recorded multiple times--and quite well--the high quality of the performances here, and the presence of the truly and inexplicably "rare" oratorio Davidde penitente, makes this set a very attractive and musically satisfying listen.

Of course, not everything here is top-drawer Mozart--several of the pieces are relatively early works--but even the second-tier pieces readily reveal the trademarks of genius, whether in the orchestral writing (the tidily scored Regina coeli K. 108, from 1771), the mastery of polyphony (Misericordias Domini), or, of course, in the unsurpassed melodic invention, evident throughout, from the earliest to latest compositions. What's interesting is how you can pick up compositional devices in works Mozart wrote in Salzburg in 1771 that are still recognizable in his last choral pieces written in Vienna 20 years later.

As mentioned, the performances are very good, especially the finely executed, energetic, vibrant choral ensemble singing and the equally dynamic and tightly-knit orchestral accompaniment, expertly conducted by Richard Pugsley. In these areas, there are no weaknesses. . . the choral singing is really terrific! . . . richly rewarding, generously programmed CDs.

That said, it's wonderful to have a new and very solid performance of Mozart's Davidde penitente. A reworking of music from his unfinished C minor Mass, with some additional original material, this 45-minute piece (with libretto by da Ponte) features some very impressive solo and choral music, including some challenging, operatic-style arias. Although it's labeled an "oratorio", it doesn't have the depth and cohesive dramatic import of the genre's great masterpieces by Haydn or Handel. Nevertheless, this performance, with some nice contributions by soprano Kathy Schuman, is a highlight--and the work absolutely deserves respect from today's choirs looking to celebrate the best of Mozart's vocal music.

The recording, made in Gloriae Dei Cantores' home venue, the Church of the Transfiguration in Orleans, Massachusetts, is expertly engineered, offering realistic, detailed choral sound, properly balanced with the orchestra, in an acoustic that's warm yet enhanced with an enlivening resonance--ideal for this music. This is a set that should prove attractive to all Mozart lovers, especially valuable for its gathering together of rare works of real merit rather than rarely recorded works that should remain so. This is a real treat--an ambitious and justly rewarding addition to the Mozart recording catalog."

David Vernier
March 3, 2006

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