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Michael McCabe

MICHAEL MC CABE was born in Ft. Madison, Iowa on September 12, 1941 and had his early training in piano with Arthur Weinhardt and organ with Betsy Karl and Cecil Neubecker. As a student at Creighton University, he was appointed university organist and choir director. During a 20 year military career, various assignments provided McCabe with unique performing had learning opportunities. He performed in the metropolitan cathedrals of Seoul, then Saigon, and Hong Kong. Served numerous church, including Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. Studied composition and performing with such notable musicians as Leo Sowerby, David McK. Williams, Thomas Matthews, and Dale Wood. McCabe was elected to ASCAP in 1972, and ASCAP credits include NBC Television, foreign and domestic recording, the Stockholm and Stuttgart Music Festivals.

McCabe is presently chief, nurse anesthetist at the Omaha Surgical Center, chapel organist at Boys Town, instructor in keyboard harmony and improvisation at the St. Cecilia Institute, Omaha, board member of the Cathedral Arts Project, Omaha, associate editor of Randall Egan Publications, an oblate in the Episcopal Benedictine Order of the Companions of St. Luke and continues his work as organist, composer, and teacher.

Hymns of Praise New Release

All Hail the Power of Jesus Name
Michael McCabe

Hymn Tune: Coronation, Oliver Holden
Text by Edward Perronet
SATB with Congregation, Organ and Trumpet

PPMO 1222 SATB, Congregation - $2.20
PPMO 1222BP Trumpet Part (B flat and C) - $3.00

Michael's thoughts on this work:
"I have long been a proponent of the hymn concertanto involving congregation and choir. I believe this synthesizes, for all present, active worship. This piece can also be used by combined choirs. A youth choir could sing verse two, accompanied, perhaps, by a bell choir beginning on m. 27, ending on m. 41. A high school choir could sing either the fourth or fifth verse alone. Everyone sings verses one and six."

Michael's thoughts on church music today:

"Church music, to me should bring people to the face of God. In these times, some pretty unusual things do that. The question frequently arises, "Is it entertainment or worship?" I suggest to those seeking my advice, "Be true to your conscience."

What others have said about our Hymns of Praise Series:

"Paraclete Press has inaugurated a new series of anthems based on hymns, whose entries will be useful in a variety of contexts, perhaps especially where resources are a bit limited, but also where a hint of something familiar is welcome. Each anthem stands at the easier end of the spectrum, but has interest in its development of material of the hymn tune."

Other works by Michael McCabe:

Bring Us Together Lord - 9114
Michael McCabe combines brass quartet with choir and organ to create a dynamic festival anthem which imparts a message of hope through prayer for unity in the Body of Christ. The choral parts are primarily in unison with some two and four part writing, and would make an especially fine anthem for World-Wide Communion Sunday.
Price: $2.10
Brass Parts - 9114BP Price: $3.00

Alone Thou Goest Forth - 0511
* exquisite setting of a poem by Peter Abelard, taking the listener through Christ's journey to Jerusalem

* harmonic color-shifts carry the text toward the climactic statement of resurrection life, followed by a gentle, reflective ending

* organ acts as a fifth voice, with lyric solo lines and lush harmonies

* "This is a tone poem reflecting this composer's feelings about the text."
--Michael McCabe
Price: $1.60

Advent Carol - 1030
*Evocative Advent text by Eleanor Farjeon. Freely metered and mostly homophonic writing.
Price: $1.60

The Voice of God Goes Out - 0502
* Top Choice for Mission and Ministry

* hymn-anthem style with an imaginative accompaniment, new voicings for each verse

* soaring descant (modest range) for final verse
Price: $2.10

They Cast Their Nets in Galilee - 0616
* simple accompaniment introduces and bridges this beloved, intimate text about Jesus and His disciples

* starting with women's voices in unison, followed by men in unison and opening to four-part, the voicing is natural, adding musical interest, while highlighting the words

* rhythmic motive in the melodic line gives a folk-like lilt

* articulation marks add dramatic impact for the final verse, which is set for unison melody with descant, with mid-range tessitura.

* solo stops on the organ are suggested throughout, adding interest and color
Price: $2.10

Thy Holy Wings, O Savior - 0503
* gentle, soaring hymn-anthem for Pentecost

* ideal for small Parish choir: can be learned in 3-4 rehearsals!

* elegant vocal and organ lines, gracefully interwoven
Price: $1.60
Michael McCabe

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