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The Didache, an early handbook of an anonymous Christian community, "is the most important book you've never heard of." It spells out a way of life for Jesus-followers, including how to show one another the love of God, how to practice the Eucharist, and how to take in wandering prophets.

Likely written before many of the New Testament books, this little-known text can enlighten the way that Christian are church, today.

Tony Jones's book, The Teaching of the Twelve, unpacks this ancient document with insight and perspective, and traces the life of a small house church in Missouri that is trying to live according to its precepts.

Listen to Tony Jones read the complete text, or download a pdf, or read the complete text online.

The text of the Didache, translated and edited by Tony Jones, is under the protection of a Creative Commons license. For guidelines on using this text, please click on the link below.
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The Didache - The Complete Text

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